Brave Health Group is a holistic allied health practice specialising in psychology, occupational therapy, dietetics, animal assisted therapy, yoga and exercise physiology.

Brave Health Group’s purpose designed allied health practice

Located in Blackburn South, Brave Health Group offers high-quality psychology, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, animal assisted therapy and nutritional coaching services to help you keep active, healthy and relaxed.

We are proud to bring a holistic and client-focussed approach for our clients to assist them creating a happy and purposeful life. Our dedicated team are experts in their respective areas and can help with a variety of conditions and symptoms, both in the short and long term.

With easy-to-assess facilities including easy access to the Eastern Freeway, Medicare and HICAPS processing on-site, our health professionals and customer services teams are here to help.

We have a purpose designed allied health practice which understands the needs of our clients and consequently we have created an inviting visitor’s area, yoga studio and personal training studio to compliment the treatment interventions developed by our clinicians.

We believe in maximising our treatment outcomes by creating a holistic and innovative allied health practice.

A Team-Based Approach

We are passionate about creating a team of health practitioners behind you to best serve your health needs.

Our team of health practitioners work closely with one another to design a treatment approach which will maximise the opportunities of a living purposeful life.

Centred Around You

To help you achieve the best results and return you to being healthy, we welcome you as part of our team and practice.

We will sit down with you and develop an individualised treatment plan that suits your needs. The most important person in this process is you and we ensure that every contact has that in mind.

Integrated Treatment Approach

All our clinicians value a holistic approach to treatment and where possible will look for opportunities to enhance treatment with evidence based complementary treatments.

Our dedicated staff, clean rooms and welcoming environment will make your visit a positive one that you will be confident to continue to engage in our services.

We have a passion to deliver caring, non-judgemental and predictable care.

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