Exercise Physiology

Brave Health Group has a team of Exercise Physiologists who specialise in trauma and NDIS. Exercise Physiologists generally provide Exercise Physiology services for the management of disabilities and chronic conditions.

Our Exercise Physiologists support all Work-cover and NDIS participants with specialised physical activity recommendations, tailored exercise program interventions and on-going health education.

Exercise Physiology is all about creating better bodies. Whether you are injured through trauma, have a disability, are ageing, or need to simply enhance your current physical form. Our Exercise Physiologists create tailored programs to improve overall performance, well-being and independence. Under NDIS, consumers can access Exercise Physiology Services included in the ‘Improved Health & Well-Being Category’ within the NDIS Price Guide. We accept all NDIS participants who are plan-managed and self-managed.

Our exercise physiologists are also specifically experienced and interested in using exercise to assist adults suffering from work related trauma.

Our Exercise Physiologists programs for participants can assist with;

• Goal directed strength and fitness programs
• Increased mobility and function
• Postural control
• Weight management programs – includes weight loss and weight gain
• Healthy lifestyle education
• Assist in the management of co-morbidities
• Improve mental health and wellbeing
• Chronic disease management
• Community participation – Other sports and leisure activities.
• And much more

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