Why Cold Water and Ice Therapy is beneficial for people suffering with Anger or PTSD.

by | Mar 28, 2022

Both Cold Water and Ice Therapy is useful for a range of emotional issues. It has good evidence in several research projects and reports ice therapy can help regulate some psychological conditions.

A group of researchers from Virginia found that hydrotherapy (ice therapy) may be useful in the treatment of depression (Schevchuk, 2008). For the treatment of depression, it is suggested that cold exposure therapies may be the best choice. Since the density of cold receptors (the parts of our body that can sense cold) in the skin is thought to be three to ten times higher than that of warm receptors, the simultaneous firing of all skin based cold receptors from jumping into the cold may result in a positive therapeutic effect. It has also been shown that lowering the temperature of the brain is known to have neuroprotective and therapeutic effects and can relieve inflammation, a known mechanism in depressive illness.

In addition, exposure to cold has been shown to activate the sympathetic nervous system, will increase the blood level as well as brain release of norepinephrine–an adrenal hormone that can help depressed people feel more ‘up’ naturally. The water therapy also can help increase production of beta-endorphins (feel-good) molecules that give a sense of well-being.

A good podcast about ice therapies is from the Huberman Lab and is led by Professor Huberman from Stanford School of Medicine.

The great news is that Brave Health Groups practitioners are experienced in utilising cold water and ice therapies in our treatment frameworks. This therapy is also integrated into our anger program and our recently developed Trauma Aware Yoga program.

Please contact either [email protected] or 1300 000 105.

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