Why Balance is important for people who have symptoms of PTSD

by | Jan 25, 2022

Our balance control system that assists with almost all daily functions is controlled by three systems which transmit signals to our brain. These systems include the visual system (eyesight that helps you tell the position of your head and body relative to the world), the proprioceptive system (which tells the brain how your body and head are positioned relative to the ground) and the vestibular system (which is located in the inner ear and is often described as a bit like a spirit level and as a result can tell the brain about the movements and position of the head)

Research tells us that both the vestibular system is impaired in veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and these veterans reported three times more dizziness and balance issues than veterans without PTSD. (Haber, 2016)

Additionally, interoceptive awareness (balance) is found to be compromised after a traumatic event. (Neukirch, 2007) and this study reported significant improvements in interoceptive awareness and improvement in symptoms of PTSD after an eight-week Trauma Sensitive Yoga program.

When we consider the importance of our balance control system for walking, coming downstairs and getting in and out of the car, it is important for all of us to maintain a sharp and effective balance control system.

The good news is that our balance control system can be improved, and any impairment mitigated over time. Brave Health Group has a range of treatment programs to improve balance and our psychologists can improve the psychological health of our balance systems.
This can be integrated into our exercise physiologists balance program and our recently developed Trauma Aware Yoga program.

Please contact either [email protected] or 1300 000 105.

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