Brave Health Group continues to have a focus on a holistic approach to all psychological and physical health and as a result we integrate nutrition where appropriate.

Weight, Chronic Disease and Heart Management

Chronic diseases of lifestyle such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol are on the rise in Australia. These often-preventable diseases can have permanent and debilitating consequences when uncontrolled. The good news however is that nutritional medicine has advanced tremendously in these areas.

We are now often able to prevent these conditions and better manage them through making simple adjustments to our diet, addressing such things as the load and type of carbohydrate and oils we include, and the micronutrient content of the diet. Remember: Every individual’s requirements differ, and the role of an experienced nutritionist is critical.

Underweight (low body weight) and malnutrition in adults and children are as much a health concern as overweight and obesity are and can also be addressed through diet and the use of prescribed Medical Nutritional Supplement drinks, which we are able to prescribe.

Gastrointestinal conditions

Gut problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, bloating, diarrhoea as well as more severe bowel ailments, are often rather debilitating. Making subtle changes to the diet, can often improve troublesome tummy troubles.

Brave Health Group specialises in the application of the low FODMAP diet as well as the Food Chemical Elimination diet. Brave Health Group can work in close collaboration with your doctor or specialist.

Trauma and Anger conditions

Brave Health Group acknowledges that evidence around the benefits of nutrition for trauma and anger is slowly emerging and there have been some encouraging outcomes on using nutrition to support other treatment interventions including depression.

Brave Health Group is enthusiastic in pursuing alternative therapies to compliment the standard treatment approaches and our nutritionists are well positioned to support our clients.

Tailored Nutrition & Wellness Workshops

Brave Health Group has spent many years presenting to a wide range of audiences about diet and wellness. These very interactive talks have always been well received and allowed many people to make positive lifestyle changes and reap the health benefits.

Nutritional Supplements

Brave Health Group also sources a small quantity of quality vitamins which are well evidenced to support a range of issues particularly anxiety, depression, anger and sleep issues.

Nutritional Meals

Brave Nutrition has a small range of pre-prepared meals which are tailored to enhance the benefits of nutrition for a range of issues including trauma and anger.

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