Weight Management

Brave Health Group is a multidisciplinary team of registered and experienced psychologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and occupational therapists that specialise in helping people overcome weight related symptoms.

We are professional practitioners and many of our practitioners understand the many challenges in managing weight. We strive to create a safe environment, which is enjoyable but challenging using a multi-dimensional approach to weight regulation.

A key focus with our intervention program is the comprehensive integration of psychological therapy with an individualised exercise and nutritional program. Several research studies have shown the direct benefits of integrating psychological coaching when trying to regulate weight. One benefit shown in a recent study highlighted that more weight loss was observed when clients combined weight loss approaches with psychological therapy than for those participants not undertaking any psychological therapy.

The other particularly important benefit with psychological therapy is that the client is more likely to recognise the underlying issues contributing to the challenges with weight regulation. This can include the identification of triggers around irregular food consumption and also understanding the linkage between negative thoughts, feelings and body image.

Importantly our bodies tend to subconsciously influence our executive thinking (which is our complex decision-making processes in our brain) and at Brave Health Group we work with both the mind and the body to ensure both areas are suitably integrated. The Black Dog Institute also has also suggested that exercise helps other conditions that can occur with PTSD, like depression, anxiety, sleep problems, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Our aim is to develop individualised exercise programs, which are directly linked to the client’s psychological needs. We have designed our programs to ensure that the psychological therapy takes place immediately following the exercise program where possible. Brave Health Group’s psychological and weight regulation interventions are always influenced by the client’s psychological and psycho-social needs. We offer a range of interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness and some supplementary modalities including physical exercise, mindfulness and yoga.

Brave Health Group also integrates nutritionists who focus on practical eating plans and frequently have practical demonstrations on cooking skills and quick options for healthy eating. Brave Health Group in conjunction with Brave Nutrition is known for our small range of ready-made meals, which are designed around maximising the food nutrients known to assist with the types of challenges our clients highlight during engagement with us.

Please visit our Shop at the top of this page in the Menu, for an opportunity to purchase a small sample of our delicious and weight friendly meals.


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