Trauma Aware Yoga

Brave Health Group has always viewed health in a holistic way, and we believe that using only one pathway towards achieving physical and psychological health is often not in the clients’ best interests. We have always considered multiple pathways to reach good physical and psychological health.

Because of our continued interest in yoga which can result in improved flexibility, clarity and regulation of emotions, Brave Health Group has created an independent “not for profit” yoga charity for the benefit of veteran military and first responder communities named “Veterans Yoga Incorporated” ( This charity has a specific focus on supporting military and first responder communities using the comprehensive benefits of yoga.

Veterans Yoga Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity which has a goal of providing psychologically based scientific yoga programs for veterans and active personnel of the military and first responder communities. We aim to provide these yoga programs at no cost to veterans and active personnel which is funded by donations from generous sponsors. We currently manage the program through Brave Health Group to ensure the quality of programs and to maintain high standards of teaching. The strategic vision of the committee at includes the commitment to strengthen the program using accredited psychologists in all yoga classes.

Importantly all yoga programs have been designed by the principal psychologist and integrate directly with our psychological treatment plans. The yoga programs are designed with specific attention to the psychological needs of our clients and these programs can be undertaken in both group and individual programs. We conduct both intensive treatment packages combining individual psychological sessions integrating specific group yoga programs and we also conduct yoga only programs which have less commitment, are more cost effective and this program can also provide a good introduction to the benefits of yoga.

The Trauma Aware Yoga program is aligned directly with the phased approach recommended for PTSD by Phoenix Australia. We currently have two specific yoga programs; the first program has a specific focus on managing the symptoms of trauma and distress using a combination of mindfulness interventions, IREST meditation and yoga. This program has been developed using a ten-week structure which can be completed with a blend with either psychological therapy, attendance of the complete trauma aware yoga program on its own without psychological therapy or classes can be attended for the areas only of specific need.

A study from Duke University Medical Center suggested that yoga could benefit those living with depression and other psychiatric conditions including sleep problems. Yoga has been reported that it can assist with maintenance of nervous system health, reduction in stress, reduction in chronic back pain and tension in limbs, decrease the need for medications, ease insomnia, build flexibility and muscle strength.

Phoenix Australia has assessed yoga and meditation as having sufficient scientific research to be acknowledged as emerging evidence and endorses the use of yoga as a complimentary intervention alongside tier one psychological interventions for PTSD.

If you have an existing Workcover claim these group sessions maybe able to be attended through your insurer at no cost and if you are attending as an active/veteran military or first responder or family member you are able to attend at no cost due to generosity of several sponsoring organisations.

If you are interested in attending any of these programs, please direct your interest to the “Book Yoga Class” button or email [email protected] and instructions will be forwarded to you with further details and instructions.

Due to the unprecedented demand for support for clients with anger symptoms, we have recently developed a specific Yoga for Anger Program. This program has been developed using the diagnostic criteria highlighted in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) for related anger symptoms.

This program has been developed and is conducted over an eight-week period and this course is also conducted with a psychologist present in all the yoga classes. This will enable our psychologists to be able to use the activities in the yoga class as a teaching opportunity for use in our psychological sessions for the treatment of anger.


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