About Us

Brave Health Group is a well-respected and caring holistic allied health business. We tend to do things a little differently to other health practices and avoid following the crowd. We understand that there are many groups in the community that are under-served, and we ensure that those groups are heard and respected.

We also intentionally focus on providing a holistic and integrated treatment approach to assist our clients achieving a higher probability of success. This can sometimes be inconvenient to our overall business model, but it is something that we believe in, and we maintain this focus irrespective of the effect to our business model.

We carefully select our health practitioners to ensure they align perfectly with our under-served community groups. We are also dedicated to providing continuing education for our practitioners and this guarantees the best experience for our clients and cutting-edge complementary treatment options.

In addition to traditional psychology and occupational therapy, we integrate equine and canine therapy, trauma aware yoga, exercise physiology for trauma, nutrition for trauma, cold water/ice therapy.

Our practice is well integrated, and we have an integrated personal training studio, yoga studio and cold water/ice therapy area in the “fit for purpose” health practice.

Please give us a call to discuss your needs or further questions.

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