What is Psychology services?

Psychology services provided by Brave Health Group are always conducted by registered psychologists with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Psychologists use the bio-psycho-social model to assess and assist people with their problems and help improve their overall well-being. They are trained to talk to people about their challenges and concerns. Psychologists help people feel supported and validated. They also help people to understand what they are experiencing and how to navigate a particular path in their human experience and psychologists do not prescribe medication.

Psychologists generally use a therapy that is involves talking with individuals, couples, families, or other groups. They focus on people’s day to day concerns. They help people develop skills and understanding. Typical personal concerns include family relationship difficulties including abusive relationships, trauma, grief, and loss, trying life circumstances, anxiety, forms of depression, stress, and health issues.

Seeking psychological help has become a normal practice for many people. Therapy may include conversations about a person’s past including their childhood and adolescent years. Often it involves memories of others including parents, teachers, peers or friendships.

Our psychologists at Brave Health Group have significant experience and can work with clients presenting with a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, trauma, anger and couples/family conflict. Brave Health Group psychologists have a specific interest in trauma and anger, and you can find further information about those issues under Services.

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